Golden Cobbles Jackpot

The Golden Cobbles Jackpot Ticket is a shared ticket that operates over multiple games of bingo in the Coronation Street Bingo room.  The ticket has the same setup as a standard ticket.  Every time a player wins house in Coronation Street Bingo if the final number called is on the Golden Cobbles Ticket it will be marked off If it isn’t already marked off.  Whenever a number is marked off on the ticket a jackpot prize is paid out to the winner of the standard House prize as below:

  • Any Number – when the number marked off does not create 1 line, 2 lines or House.
  • 1 Line – when the number marked off completes one horizontal line
  • 2 lines - when the number marked off completes a second horizontal line.
  • House – when the number marked off is the last number to be marked off.

Once House is called on the Golden Cobbles ticket a new Jackpot ticket will be generated at the start of the next game.

In the case of split wins on the Golden Cobbles ticket, the full prize is split equally between players.