What is bingo and how do I play?

In a nutshell, bingo is all about marking numbers on tickets as numbers are announced by a caller at random.

The winner is declared as the first player to mark all their numbers, usually after an exclamation of “BINGO!”. Of course, if you’re playing online with us, you’re not obliged to shout if you win but there’s no harm in it!

Bingo Rules and Instructions

Begin by purchasing your ticket(s). You can usually purchase more than one ticket but there will be a limit. Then, wait for your game to start and off you go! You can keep an eye on the countdown timer to make sure that you know when each game is due to begin.

Once the game begins, balls will be randomly drawn and their corresponding numbers called. On our website, you have the option to manually dab your tickets or we can do it for you automatically! You can switch between manual and auto dabbing in the Bingo Room Settings window (accessible from the menu in the top left of any Bingo Room) - whichever option you choose, we'll always automatically claim your prizes so that you never miss a win.

More details of our bingo rules can be found here.