Bingo Rules

There are many variations of bingo, but the main versions are 90-ball (UK form) and 75-ball (US form).

90-Ball (UK Form)

Tickets are set in 3x9 grids (27 squares). The first column can contain numbers 1-9, the second column can contain numbers 10-19 and so on, totalling nine columns.

There are three different ways to win; either complete one row, two rows or all three (a “Full House”). Those who win with a Full House will win the designated jackpot.

75-Ball (US Form)

Tickets are set in 5x5 grids (25 squares) with the middle square marked “FREE”. US bingo tickets can potentially have duplicated numbers if multiple tickets are purchased.

  • The first column can contain numbers 1-15
  • The second column can contain numbers 16-30
  • The third column can contain numbers 31-45
  • The fourth column can contain numbers 46-60
  • The fifth column can contain numbers 61-75

To win, complete the grid pattern which is determined before the start of the game.


Tickets are set in 3x3 grids (nine squares) with a number marked in every square, all between 1 and 30. When the draw begins, one of the 30 bingo balls will be displayed at random. As the balls are called, the corresponding numbers on your ticket are automatically marked off. The game will auto-detect when you’ve completed a winning pattern and automatically make a claim for you.

Tickets win when the marked squares complete a pattern. In 30-ball bingo typical patterns are:

  • “1-Line” is the first to complete any one of the horizontal lines
  • “2-Lines” is the first to complete two horizontal lines
  • “Bingo” or “Full House” is the first to mark off all nine numbers on a ticket

The first ticket to match the numbers to complete a winning pattern will win the associated prize. If more than one ticket matches the winning pattern at the same time, the prize will be distributed evenly to each winning ticket.


Tickets are set in 4x4 grids (16 squares) with a number marked in every square, all between 1 and 80. There are four different game types in 80 Ball Bingo, each with different prizes available:

  • Any Single Line: One prize available. The player who is the first to have all the numbers called in either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, or mark all four corners or four middle squares, will win.
  • Any Line, House: Two prizes available. After the “Any Single Line” prize has been won as explained above, players will play for the “Full House”. The first player to have all 16 numbers marked off one of their tickets will win.
  • Any Line, Columns, House: Four prizes available. The first prize is “Any Single Line”, as described above. The second prize is won by the first player to mark off all numbers on any two columns. The third prize is won by the first player to mark off all numbers on any three columns. The final prize is won by the first player to mark off all 16 numbers on one of their tickets.
  • Full House or Pattern Game: A prize can be awarded for completing the “Full House” (the first player to mark off all 16 numbers). A prize can also be awarded to the first player who’s marked squares complete a pattern that was determined before the game started.

Free Bingo

Occasionally, games are hosted where the ticket price is zero, but you'll still have the chance to win cash prizes! No deposit is required, however, to get involved, you'll need to be registered and verified with us. Before a free game starts, you'll see a pop-up prompting you to claim your free tickets. If you want to play, you'll need to claim the tickets and be in the correct room - unfortunately, if you miss the pop up, you won't be able to participate in that game. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our free bingo games and you can find out more by keeping an eye on the game schedule, or asking in the chat room!

We also like to regularly reward our valued customers with free tickets (valued between £0.01 - £0.05) to use in bingo rooms where the ticket price is £0.01 - £0.05. Instructions on how to claim and use these tickets, as well as full terms and conditions, can be found with the information that we provide when notifying you about the promotion. So keep checking your account's inbox to make sure that you don't miss out!

Useful Tips

Set a “bingo budget” and pick the right game - It’s crucial to gamble safely online and that’s why a budget is so important. Set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend and make sure the game you’re playing suits your budget.

Pay attention and know your odds - There’s a lot of automation involved with online bingo, allowing you to have more fun and less stress, but concentration is still needed! Make sure you’re checking your spending and what your prizes are on a regular basis.