What’s the procedure?

  1. All withdrawals are reviewed by our internal review team and must be approved; this process can take up to 2 business days. Occasionally, withdrawals may be merged in the event of a previous withdrawals not being processed yet. If you have unused bonus money in your account, you may not be able to withdraw.
  2. You can only withdraw onto the card or eWallet that you used to make your deposit. This means that the payment method must be verified before any withdrawal can be made, and the payment method must belong to you and registered in your name.
  3. At Foxy Bingo, the method(s) by which we pay your withdrawal is directly dependent upon the payment method(s) by which you have submitted your deposit(s) in the past, and the amounts of those deposit(s).

    We operate a ‘Closed Loop System’ for withdrawals to protect both Foxy Bingo and our customers from card theft and fraud. This means that occasionally your withdrawal may be split across multiple payment methods when system security rules require funds to be returned to the payment method(s) used to deposit.

    Here’s an example:

    You've made £100 worth of deposits from your Visa card and £50 by PayPal. You've had a successful week and your balance is £500. You would like to withdraw £200. Your preferred method of withdrawal is PayPal but before you can withdraw more than £50 back to PayPal, you need to withdraw £100 back to your Visa card. Once this is done you can withdraw £50 or more back to PayPal.

    The benefit of this is that your withdrawal will typically be returned to the payment method(s) you use most, which can also speed up your withdrawal processing time.

    You can always track where your withdrawals have been processed to (once processed) from within your logged in account.

    In the event that you cancel a withdrawal request, Foxy Bingo is under no obligation to refund any amounts that are cancelled by you and which you subsequently wager.
  4. Until the withdrawal is dispatched, you may reverse and have the funds added back to your account. To do this, go to the cashier, click 'Deposit', any pending Withdrawal amount will be displayed, and you can enter the amount you’d like to reverse. (Please note that this feature is no longer available to our UK customers)