Slingo Cash Buster


  • Spin the reels to collect coloured blocks. Fill a row on the prize table to win the prize for that row. Collect the Devil or Cherub symbols to unlock the Bonus Games for more chances to win.

Set Your Stake

  • Choose your stake by pressing the Stake '+' and '-' buttons.

Start The Game

  • To start the game, press the 'Play' button located below the stake amount.
  • Once the 'Play' button has been selected the stake is deducted from the current balance and the game starts.
  • Coloured blocked with numbers are then randomly placed on the 5x5 grid.

How to play

  • The player has 6 spins. After each spin each of the 5 reels shows one of the following:
    • A number; if this matches a number block in the column above on the grid, that block is destroyed. When a block is destroyed a corresponding slot on the prize table below is filled. 
    • Cherub Symbol; each Cherub Symbol fills one segment of the Cherub Bonus table. Upon collecting 5 symbols the Cherub Bonus game is unlocked.
    • Devil Symbol; each Devil Symbol fills one segment of the Devil Bonus table. Upon collecting 3 symbols the Devil Bonus game is unlocked.
    • Instant prize; player wins that amount.
    • Free Spin; player gains one extra spin.
  • Whenever a block is destroyed new blocks are added to the grid from above.

Bonus Games

Cherub Bonus

  • Press "Spin" to spin the wheel. If the wheel stops on ADVANCE the highlight on the prize table move up one slot.
  • Keep spinning and advancing on the prize table until the wheel stops on COLLECT at which point the highlighted prize on the prize table is awarded.
  • If you reach the top of the prize table before hitting a COLLECT that prize is awarded.

Devil Bonus

  • The player is presented with 2 Towers - Devil's Tower and Your Tower.
  • Roll the 2 dice. The difference in numbers on the 2 dice is removed from the towers. For example if the Blue dice rolls a 4 and the Red dice rolls a 1, then 3 blocks are removed from the Devil's Tower. If the Red dice rolls a 6 and the Blue dice rolls a 3, then 3 blocks are removed from Your Tower.
  • Keep rolling the dice until one of the towers is completely removed.
  • If the Devil Tower is destroyed first, then the number of blocks remaining on Your Tower determines the prize awarded (as indicated on the prize table on the right).
  • If Your Tower is destroyed first no prize is awarded.


  • Completely filling a section on the prize table.
  • Revealing an instant prize on the reels.
  • Advancing to a prize on the Cherub Bonus game.
  • Destroying the Devil's Tower on the Devil Bonus whilst keeping 3 or more blocks on Your Tower.

General Information

  • System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.
  • This game is a game of chance. The outcome of a play in the game is pre-determined. Actions or choices made by player do not affect the outcome of the game.
  • The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 87.00%.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 7/1/2020